Service quality survey
Dental clinic
1. ___ you interested in sport?
2. My ___ is a writer and his books very popular.
3. We live in the city centre and our house ___ have a big garden.
4. There ___ a lot of people outside the school. Whats the problem?
5. Cathy ___ a game an her computer at the moment.
6. Paul is very ___. He doesnt go out a lot.
7. ___ you like to come out with us tonight?
8. Dads ___ work right now. Hes a teacher.
9. Did you ___ shopping after school yesterday?
10. There wasnt ___ milk for breakfast this morning so i had toast and orange juice.
11. I ___ five emails before school today.
12. Turn ___ and youll see the museum on the left.
13. The beach was very crowded ___ Monday.
14. I ___ the new Batman film yet. Is it any good?
15. Tom got the ___ marks in the class for his homework.
16. You ___ eat all that cake! It isnt good for you.
17. How ___ time have we got to do this exercise?
18. Dont forget to get ___the bus at Station Road.
Our teacher speaks English to us ___ so that we can understand her.
My sister ___ speak French when she was only six years old.
I really enjoy ___ new languages and Id like to learn Italian soon.
My father has been a pilot ___ twenty years and he still loves his job.
Quick - get the food inside! It ___ any moment.
Sam asked me if I ___ a lift home after the concert.
Which train ___for when I saw you on the platform on Sunday?
I ___ not be home this evening. Phone me on my mobile.
I hope you ___ a good time at the moment in Greece! Phone soon.
If we ___ in the countryside, wed have much better views than we do now.
Do students in your country have to stand ___ when the teacher arrives?
You ___ hurry as weve still got twenty minutes before the film starts.
I ___ you in the cafe at about 4.30 and we can discuss our plans then, OK?
I wanted to see Harry. How long ago ___?
I wish Joe ___ to Hawaii on holiday. Theyre talking about an eruption there on the news.
Could I possibly ___ some money for the bus fare home? Ive lost my bag.
People say that an avalanche ___ by loud noises in the area but I dont know if thats true.
Youll have to drive much ___ than this if you want to pass your test.
I must remember ___ Ed to take notes for me while Im away next week.